Announcing Upcoming EMI/EMC 测试 Capabilities

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Announcing Upcoming EMI/EMC 测试 Capabilities
Fulfilling New 测试 Needs Starting October 2021
Marietta, GA. (August 25, 2021)
Applied Technical 服务 is completing an electromagnetic interference/compatibility testing chamber. We are excited to begin offering this service to our aerospace and military clientele. EMI and EMC help keep electronic components compatible with the systems and subsystems they support. The slightest mismatch among electrical systems can cause major problems in the air, as the electromagnetic interference emitted by each electronic component can hinder the performance of the others. Manufacturers and parts suppliers can look to ATS to verify compatibility and compliance for their components upon the completion of our EMI/EMC testing chamber in October.
We plan to offer the following standards, with more specifications to be added upon future expansions:
Learn more about how our EMI/EMC testing capabilities will be able to serve your company here: